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The American Flag Code: Understanding the Etiquette of Displaying Old Glory

The American Flag Code

The American Flag Code

Old Glory, the symbol of our nation’s unity and resilience, deserves to be displayed with the utmost respect and honor. The U.S. Flag Code guides how to display, care for, and handle the American flag. Join us as we dive into the rich traditions and etiquette that surround our beloved Stars and Stripes.

Respecting the Colors

The U.S. Flag Code emphasizes that the flag should be displayed from sunrise to sunset and illuminated at night if flown 24 hours a day. If you fly the flag overnight, ensure it’s properly illuminated to maintain its vibrant colors and visibility.

Display with Pride

When displaying the American flag on a wall or window, it should always be positioned so that the union (blue field with stars) is in the upper left corner. The flag’s union should remain at the top, horizontally or vertically.

Half-Staff Tributes

In times of mourning or national tragedy, the American flag is lowered to half-staff as a sign of respect. It should be raised to full staff after sunrise on the day following the observance.

Handling with Care

When handling the American flag, it’s recommended to do so with respect and reverence. Avoid allowing the flag to touch the ground, and when folding, follow the proper technique to create the familiar triangular shape.

Multiple Flags in a Lineup

When multiple flags are displayed in a row, the American flag should be placed at the center and higher than the others. This positioning signifies the flag’s prominence and honors its role as a unifying symbol.

Retiring Old Glory

When the American flag becomes tattered or worn beyond repair, it should be retired in a dignified manner. This can be done through a formal flag retirement ceremony, often conducted by veterans’ organizations, which involves respectfully burning the flag while saluting its service.

Honoring Veterans

During military funerals, the American flag is often draped over the casket to honor the service and sacrifice of the deceased. The flag is then folded and presented to the family with gratitude.

Community and Unity

Adhering to the U.S. Flag Code isn’t just a matter of tradition; it’s a way to show respect for our nation’s history and values. Following these guidelines uphold a sense of unity and shared purpose.

In Conclusion

The U.S. Flag Code is a timeless reminder of the respect and honor our flag deserves. By understanding and practicing these guidelines, we ensure that Old Glory continues to stand as a symbol of freedom, unity, and the enduring spirit of the United States of America. As you proudly display our nation’s flag, let it remind you of the ideals and principles that make our country great.

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