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12×18 Inch Garden Flag Kit (Includes Pole)

Decorate your garden or pathway with our hand sewn, printed Nylon Garden Flags Made in U.S.A.. Choose from U.S., Army,

3×6 Foot Pleated Full Fan NYLON

US Flag Bunting 3×6 Foot Pleated Full Fan. Nylon Heavy-duty 200 denier nylon sewn stripes heavy cloth heading and 3

3×6 Foot Stars and Stripes Pleated Full Fan POLY/COTTON fan

3’x6′ Stars and Stripes Pleated Full Fan. Poly-Cotton PRINTED STARS AND STRIPES Pleated full fan finished with heavy cloth heading and

8×14 inch Blue Star Banner

This beautiful service flag is made of a bridal grade satin material and the bottom is trimmed in a vibrant

8×14 inch Gold Star Banner

Gold Star Banner. Show your condolences and pride for a family member lost while serving their country with a Gold

Aluminum Flash Collar For Commercial Flagpoles

Aluminum Flash Collar for our sectional 20′ and 25′ commercial flagpoles. These spun aluminum Flash Collars both protect the flagpole base

Bennington Flag 3’x5′ Sewn and Embroidered

History 3’x5′ Sewn and Embroidered Bennington Flag The Bennington Flag is one of the oldest and best-known American flags in

Betsy Ross 3’x5′ Nylon Flag Sewn & Embroidered

3’x5′ Sewn & Embroidered Betsy Ross Flag Betsy Ross is best known for making the first American flag. The story

Christian Nylon Flags

Christian Flag Outdoor Nylon Flag. These flags are made with SolarMax 200 denier heavy duty outdoor nylon and completed with

Complete Set 3’x5′ Nylon Military Service Flags

Complete Set 3’x5′ Nylon Military Service Flags. Our military service flags are made with 200 denier heavy duty outdoor SolarMax™

Complete Set 4’x6′ Nylon Military Service Flags

Complete Set 4’x6′ Nylon Military Service Flags. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard. Our military service flags are made with

Gadsden Flag | Don’t Tread On Me

Benjamin Franklin is famous for his sense of humor. He created a yellow flag, displaying a rattlesnake and the motto:

Tailgate Telescoping Flagpole – 16 ft

The Tailgating Telescoping Flagpole kit is a portable, lightweight, fiberglass flagpole system designed to proudly fly your flag.  This versatile system features 3 mounting options; wheel mount, in-ground mount and surface mount.  Easy to assemble without tools and collapses to 44" for transporting and storage. Installation instructions are included.
  • 16'x1.5" dia. pole
  • Flies 1 or 2 flags
  • 3 mounting options