Purchased Burial Flags can be folded upon request. Limit three flags.

U.S. Cotton Veterans Interment Burial/Casket Flags 5’x9′.6″ Government Specified. Large 3.5″ Embroidered Stars. Our U.S. Cotton Veterans Burial/Casket Flags are made to government specifications with embroidered stars, sewn stripes, brass grommets, and white headers. This size flag is also known as a Veterans Burial Flag, Memorial Flag, or American interment Flag.
You will not find these same U.S. Made Burial Veteran Flags on the net at a lower cost. We do accept GSA Visa cards.

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Burial Flag Display Case Made In USA

Please Allow 3-5 Days For Shipment. Outside Dimensions 26″x13″x3.5″. Beautiful mahogany colored hardwood flag case. These cases have thick glass